Our Solutions

At Houston, we aim to build valuable business relationships based on mutual trust with our customers by providing them with best-practice IT advice, support and services that supports them on the journey to meet their business goals.

We support your journey by assisting you to make the best IT decisions for your business to support your goals, whilst minimising risk and preventing technology from becoming a distraction or slowing your progress.

Make IT Easy

Make IT Easy is Houston’s premier Managed Services product combining industry leading proactive support for infrastructure and users at a fixed price. Houston’s team of experts utilize both automated and onsite technologies to keep your IT running, allowing you to focus on the parts of your business that matter.

Make IT Happen

In IT the only guarantee is change; innovation and globalization mean that now more than ever there is a reliance on IT. Houston offers a range of consulting, project management, project delivery and advisory services focused around utilizing technology better. 

Make IT Cloud

Houston is able to provide Cloud services for a growing number of businesses, both nationwide and locally. We provide Cloud Hosting services, including virtual servers / desktops, and data storage, while our bespoke Cloud solutions enable you to access data from anywhere at any time.

Make IT Safe

Make IT Safe is industry leading security protection from Houston; this product set can be fully or partially deployed and managed on networks of any size, leaving you safe in the knowledge your data is secure. Houston offers endpoint, server, and email protection, firewalling and anti-virus, as well as Cloud based backup and restore points. 

Make IT Fast

Houston is able to offer business only fiber plans throughout the Hamilton area and in certain locations within the Waikato. These will never be sold to residential customers, ensuring that the same team of qualified engineers that provides our leading support, also provide the support for your data connection. So if you want lightning-fast internet speeds for business only we have the solution.

Make IT Productive

It’s great that you purchased the airplane but can you make it fly? At Houston we pilot you, making your business more productive through the utilization of a range smart technologies, whether that be macros or Smart Pens, right down to how you choose and use certain applications within your business. 


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