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WE ARE HIRING “IT Trainer - Microsoft 365 Focus”

Houston Technology have been helping customers use technology to help get stuff done for over 36 years. Along the way we have done some really cool stuff including https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/127974800/covid-qr-tracer-work-a-gift-to-the-nation

This person will work directly with clients to help user productivity and embrace new ways of working.

We know that giving users great technology is just one thing, helping them to get the most out of it and use in the way intended another. What makes it harder is that the technology is always changing so if you learnt in an old version those ways may not be the best way now.

The last two years has seen a functional change on how people work and the rise of online meetings - but how do you do out well?

You will work with a really wide range of clients including digital natives, so being able to tailor to audience will be very important.

The work will be a real mix of client training, lunch and learns, showcasing and evangelising, building resources. Setting up Teams and SharePoint365 (using Out of box approach), facilitating workshops, understanding user requirements and workflow.

A good working knowledge of

Houston embrace modern working, be it from out offices in central Hamilton or remote/ work from home. Flexible hours are easy to arrange.

We envisage this role initially being part time or casual and will look to build that around the right person

You will be supported by a group of really smart technical people who want to make a difference.

We hire for diversity, so if you think you are the right person please apply.

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