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About IntelliMed

Developed by tech specialists Houston Productivity, the modules in the Intellimed suite are not just generic software, they are specially designed solutions to assist Medical Clinics to make work easier across the clinic.

Intellimed is not a “instead of” solution designed to replace staff, but an “in addition to" solution that streamlines work and enhance the capabilities of your staff.

Released Modules

  • Forms Automation (& Kiosk)
  • Clinic Intelligence Dashboard
  • Self Check-in
  • ACC charges checker (ACCCC)

Upcoming Modules

  • IntelliMed Apps
Medical Staff

Forms Automation (& Kiosk)

The purpose of forms automation is to shorten the waiting queue and reduce friction between patients and receptionists when clinics are under pressure. Patients will be able to use the provided self-service kiosks (or their own devices) to fill and sign the forms. Unlike other products on the market, the forms completed on Intellimed are automatically entered into the clinic’s PMS. A PDF can also be generated if needed.

Clinic Intelligence Dashboard

In the age of data and technological progression, data is everywhere but what's important is the insights you can gain from it. This tool provides data-driven tools such as financial reporting which enable the leadership team to keep their fingers on the pulse and quality reports to help staff to meet business goals.

Intelligence Dashboards enable clinics to learn more about their customers and themselves than ever before. It provides information to help for better strategies and helps to identify potential areas before they arise.

Enhance Productivity

Patient Satisfaciton

Improve Staff Morale

Reduce Admin

More Accurate Data


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